JVC claims that its latest line of home cinema projectors offer the highest native and dynamic contrast the industry has seen yet.

With its latest line, the firm aims to improve home cinema viewing significantly. The image quality improvements have been made possible thanks to a new imaging device, upgrades to JVC’s e-shift technology, 4K source compatibility, and the implementation of Intelligent LensAperture, which users can select themselves. All the new projectors are also 3D-enabled.

A spokesperson for JVC explained: “The new JVC projectors use three sixth generation JVC D-ILA imaging devices. This new device features a pixel gap that’s 40 per cent narrower than the previous chip for a smoother picture, a 10 per cent improvement in light efficiency for a light output of 1,300 lumens, and improved native contrast, which is also enhanced by a new, third generation wire grid optical engine.”

The projectors in the 2014 range also feature two memory settings for pixel convergence. These can be used to store correction settings for external lenses. A new smartphone app is being introduced, which allows users to control the projector and picture settings remotely.