The inclusion of pico projectors on different types of technology has now advanced to iPod docking stations, with the launch of the first combined speaker and projector set-up.

Optoma's Neo-i is able to display pictures, presentations or videos stored on iPods, iPads or iPhones as images as large as 120 inches, with a resolution of 854x480 pixels, allowing for easy displaying in the home to friends and family.

The station is also compatible with all the applications that support TV-out, including Netflix. Further compatibility is enabled through HDMI and VGA inputs, making the dock capable of showing a wide range of other video-enabled devices. The projector can display song and video titles and album covers when the input source is an Apple device.

The audio power is rated at 16W, although the projector comes with a rather low 50 lumens of brightness, meaning a pretty dark room is required if you want a decent picture quality, and the contrast ratio is rated at 2000:1.

An AV jack as well as an audio-out port are also available and the bundle also comes with a remote control, giving the user complete control of the device without having to leave their couch.