A new range of 3D projectors by InFocus® Corp has been launched to bring even more advanced technology into the classroom.

The company has designed the range with 3D innovation company, Lightspeed Design, specifically for educational use They are ideal for teaching complex visual subjects, and drastically cut 3D's cost-of-entry.

A recent study in the USA showed that students’ pre-test versus post-test scores improved up to 35 percent after seeing a lesson in 3D. This compared with a mere 9.7 percent increase in the group who did not see it in 3D.

Lightspeed's president, Chris Ward, said, "With 3D interactivity, students are engaged in simulated, immersive experiences that deliver multi-dimensional understanding that standard two-dimensional imaging can’t touch.

"For example, medical students can see virtual surgeries being performed, or explore the make-up of molecules and DNA strands in intricate detail."

The range includes the IN100 series, the IN2116 and the IN3116 projectors, which feature native resolutions from SVGA to WXGA, a full range of input and output connection options, brightness of 2500 to 3500 lumens, and long-life lamps.

InFocus's product management director, Loren Shaw, said “3D projection brings concepts to life, and the greater interactivity improves learning and retention.

“Delivering 3D to all levels and types of classrooms, beyond universities and high-end R&D applications, is a next step in our 20-year track record of bringing innovative visual collaboration and education tools to the classroom.”

More information on the new range and software upgrades visittheir website.