Projector innovators, InFocus, have this week launched the second-generation models of their pioneering interactive projectors.

The IN3914 and IN3916 feature honed versions of the manufacturer's LiteBoard interactive technology, which lets users of the equipment – be they teachers, students, trainers and presenters – interact with projected images from more than 12 metres away.

They do this through the use of the new, ergonomic LiteBoard wand, which acts just like a mouse, controlling the cursor with left and right buttons and a scrolling wheel.

Where the InFocus models stand out from other interactive projectors is that they have elimintated the need for time-consuming calibration. Motion stability algorithms smooth out the cursor movement as you use the wand, by analysing the image's size, the distance from the screen and the angle of the wand.

The short-throw projectors can produce images of more than 1.5 metres in size from less than a metre away from a surface. They contain shadow reduction technology and optimized brightness and colour temperature settings.

They are compatible with PCs, Macs and all commonly-used video sources in classrooms and conference centres. Its moderator feature means up to 32 computers can connect to it, either through a network or a wireless connection, with the moderator able to view all connected computers through a website.