New GT55000 high definition ultra-short throw projector released by Optoma
Optoma has released a new high definition ultra-short throw projector aimed for the home. The GT55000 with its ultra-short throw lens makes it ideal for use as a gaming projector or for streaming TV content.

The projector comes with a 25,000:1 contrast ration as well as the ability to create a 100-inch diagonal image from 13 inches away. It comes with 3,500 lumens of brightness and a high definition resolution of 1920 by 1080p. This means that the consumer can easily see black on the screen without lowering the lights.

The GT55000 comes 3D ready, with all formats capable of playing back 3D content, and supports all HDMI 1.4a formats. It also has a wide range of connectivity options such as dual HDMI as well as several analogue ports.

What makes the projector even more portable is the audio system. Typically, people will use a dedicated setup to help immerse the viewers in whatever is being streamed. However, the GT55000 comes with a 16-watt integrated speaker which enables a plug and play set up and allows the projector to be moved around.

In a statement, Brian Soto, Optoma Technology head of product management, said: “The GT5500 is a big step forward in home entertainment — it represents the future of gaming and home theater projectors with an ultra-short throw and specs that deliver a truly great picture.

“We believe that projectors are the future of gaming and home cinema, with a price-per-inch and flexibility that flat screens TVs just can’t deliver.”