A new portable business projector which can also be used at home for film and gaming projections has received the thumbs up from reviewers.

Trusted Reviews looked at the BenQ GP10 projector, which is small enough to fit into a briefcase and comes with built-in speakers and a short-throw lens system. The projector was singled out for praise because of its ‘impressive’ range of connections, which include a composite video input, an SD/SDHC card reader, various audio inputs, two USB ports, an HDMi input for video feeds, and a D-sub PC port.

The projector can be turned into a wireless piece of kit by attaching an optional wi-fi dongle. It also has 3W speakers that are ideal for presentations or playing films.

The GP10 has a 550 lumens brightness, a higher spec than many portable machines, allowing it to be used in fairly light conference rooms. Additionally, it can project an image ranging for 40 to 240 inches, again a good size for a small projector.

On the negative side, reviewers found the projector ran quite noisily and its black level response could do with improvement. Overall, the review gave the GP10 an eight out of 10 rating.