The second generation MiLi Power Pico Projector 2, due to be released in the UK this week, has undergone some major changes since the inception of the original.

The new version is 50 per cent smaller than its predecessor and is now completely silent thanks to the removal of the fan.

This ultra portable projector is compatible with the iPhone 2-3-4, iPod, iPad, MP4, DVD and laptops and is fitted with a built-in speaker and an audio jack output, so the user can watch films or share photos and videos with friends, wherever they happen to be.

Running for two and a half hours on its own battery, the projector is fitted with a 10 lumen bulb and has an LED life of around 20,000 hours.

It has a VGA resolution of 640X480 pixels and can handle images from as small as five inches through to 70 inches, which is impressive given its size - it measures just 136 x 67 x 37.8mm when folded (roughly equivalent to the thickness of two iPhone 4s stacked together).

The new MiLi Power Pico Projector 2 is due to arrive in the UK on 25 May and is expected to launch in the US in the next few weeks.