Research on trends in the North American projector sales market has shown that WXGA projectors are proving particularly popular with people looking for high-end projectors, while XGA is dominating the mainstream sectors.

The research was carried out by specialist projector market research firm, Pacific Media Associates (PMA), as part of their August market information.

PMA found that the top five best-selling high-end (4,000 lumens and more) projectors in the US in August were NEC’s WXGA NP-PA550W-13ZL, the Mitsubishi XD600, the Mitsubishi WXGA WD620, the Epson PowerLite Pro G5450WU and the WXGA Epson PowerLite 1945W.

In the so-called mainstream market (1,000-3,999 lumens), the information showed that XGA resolution projectors occupied three of the top five spots, with the XGA NEC NP-V260X, Epson PowerLite 93+ and InFocus IN114 joined by the SVGA InFocus IN112 and the NEC NP-V260 at the top of the list.

In the pico projector category, for personal projectors that provide up to 999 lumens of brightness, Optoma continued to dominate the sector, with its PK-320, ML500 and PK-201 projectors coming in first, third and fifth, with the Acer K11 and AAXA M2 Micro taking the second and fourth spots respectively.