Front projection video systems offer the most detailed and impressive home cinema experience, but new Epson projectors promise to take this experience to the next level.

Two piece projector and screen systems have long been accepted as the most impressive form of home viewing, providing the advantage of large screen size with impressive quality.

Many leading manufacturer's provide such two piece systems but Epson have taken the home cinema system to the next level with their new PowerLite Pro projector series.

Designed to display images in any lighting condition, the projectors have been created with ease of professional mounted use.

The new PowerLite Pro G-series of projectors includes seven models, all of which display a number of advanced features including edge-blending, 360-degree installation, split-screen technology and HD video and audio technology.

Designed for use in corporate and educational settings, the projectors include a new chassis and cooling system as well as many features from the PowerLite Pro Z-series, including Point and Arc image correction.

The projectors range from the PowerLite Pro G6150, offering 6,500 lumens in a 4:3, to the PowerLite Pro G6900WU, which has a 6,000 lumen widescreen display.

The projector series also includes frame interpolation and the Faroudja DCDi chipset which deliver sharper and smoother picture quality.