The new 450Wi projector from manufacturer Epson is the first of its kind to turn a wall into an interactive touchcreen.

The groundbreaking ultra-short throw projector offers a fantastic selling point to anyone using a projector in a classroom situation or in business meetings.

Epson says the projector will transform any smooth surface into a communication tablet, with minimal eye glare and overshadowing, as a result of the ultra-short-throw configuration. It can display a 16:10 widescreen image of between 55 and 96 inches diagonally using native WXGA format.

The truly impressive aspect of this cutting edge new projector is its ability to track an infra-red pen’s movements, so it can be used as a mouse. Users can also use the pen to add hand-written annotations on the touchcreen.

Another selling point for Epson’s new super-projector is that it is compatible with almost any interactive software program. As a result, anyone can use the projector to share material like online content, digital media files, ebooks and other engaging multi-media content. The projector even allows users to play back a movie, freeze frames and add their own annotations.

All this makes the 450Wi a truly unique piece of kit for instructors, educators, trainers and consultants.