A new piece of software has been unveiled by graphics solutions company, Matrox Graphics Inc., that will allow up to eight compatible projectors to blend and overlap their images to create one, unified image.

The 4.00.02 display driver for Matrox M-Series graphics cards allows users to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels between blending-enabled projectors, with no scaling required, creating an effective, collaborative work environment.

The M-Series cards offer a cost-effective solution for boardrooms, classrooms and digital signage applications that need to make use of multiple projectors in a range of configurations.

Mistubishi's projector product manager, Wayne Kozuki, said that M-Series integrated perfectly with their 8000 series of dual-lamp, edge blending projectors.

"Our integrators can now create a seamless multi-projector image at a lower price point, making this unique hardware combination from Matrox and Mitsubishi a great value for challenging display projects with challenging budgets," he said.

The cards have also received a thumbs up from Panasonic's projector engineering manager, John Meehan, who said, "AV professionals and integrators should be eager to add the Matrox M-Series cards to their list of video sources to use when edge blending with Panasonic PT-D6000 Series, PT-DZ8700 Series and PT-DZ12000 Series projectors."