A converter is being launched that will allow people to turn existing DLP projectors into 3D-capable models.

Projector specialists Optoma will be launching the 3D-XL in January, allowing people to modernise their existing projectors for an outlay of around £250 - far less than the average cost of a new DLP projector.

The converter has been designed to solve the problem where by many DLP projectors are labelled as 3D-ready, yet don't have the necessary HDMI 1.4 inputs or processing to display 3D footage.

The 3D-XL provides two HDMI 1.4 inputs for devices such as a Blu-ray player, Play Station 3 or Sky+ HD box, and a single HDMI 1.3 output that plugs into a projector. It takes the signal for the input devices and reconstitutes the 3D information into sequential frames, transmitting the resulting images to the projector.

There is no need for an IR transmitter to synchronise the active shutter glasses that are included with the converter. It instead uses DLP Link to broadcast the synchronisation information between the frames for each eye.

The 3D-XL will work with 14 of Optoma's existing projectors, including the new 720p HD67. It also supports the DLP projectors fo othe manufacturer, provided they have the latest firmware and can display a 120Hz image.