A design for a new completely wireless projector has been released by David Riesenberg. His intention was to develop a projector that has no wires, will run on a lithium battery for long enough to be used with a lengthy film, and will recharge using one wire.

The designer explains that his projector incorporates a tiny player with a solid-state drive all housed inside a sleek, smooth and compact ‘flying saucer’ body. The projector connects to the network through WiFi. Critics say that it is very much a design concept so far but that the design could benefit from the addition of wireless HDMI. However, they admit that it could be an indication of what projectors will look like in a few years time.

The designers have also produced a video which scans around the device, focusing on every curve and showing extra features like the motorised extending tripod legs.

DVICE.com says, “thanks Mr. Riesenberg for a peek into the future, perhaps showing us what projectors will look like by 2015. We'll welcome that, because there's nothing quite like watching a projected movie in a darkened home theatre.”

We look forward to more information about this projector.