A new chipset has been produced by Texas Instruments that will enable mobile phone manufacturers to integrate 720p Pico projectors into their new mobile devices.

Marking a major step-up from the last mode, the 0.3″ HD TRP DLP® Pico Chipset boasts 100 per cent brightness while making use of 50 per cent less battery.

The chipset also uses IntelliBright algorithms, meaning that it is capable of raising or lowering brightness levels and using less power, in response to either user settings or its current environment. The chip is based on the DLP Cinema technology that is commonly used in cinemas, and also features TI's proprietary Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP) architecture.

The Pico chipset also comes complete with a fast switch speed, making it the smallest true colour RGB engine with 120Hz video performance in the world.

The new chipset will be an improvement on the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which until the roll out of this item, provided the closest level of projection from a mobile phone.

While the Beam is able to project a 640 x 360 resolution picture, its battery life does not last long as a result, something that will not be an issue with the new chipset.