Casio's new XJ-A245 projector combines light-weight compactness with versatile technology that reviewers are saying makes it perfect for home or business use.

The DLP project is particularly bright thanks to its innovative hybrid laser/LED light source. The white light is an RGB composite of the output of a blue laser and a red LED, and the green element is created using a phosphor filter.

What is produced is a powerful portable projector that gives 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and 20,000 hours of bulb life. At 2.2kg, it weighs less than most 15-inch laptops and measures only 43 millimetres thick. For connectivity, the projector has HDMU and VGA inputs, with a composite video input on a 3.5 millimetre mini-jack. It can also accept videos streamed in via USB or, on the top model, via 802.11g wireless using a separate USB dongle.

The Casio XJ-A245 comes with an infrared remote control to adjust settings, which can be picked up on receivers on both the front and back of the projector. Settings can also be specified via the projector's straightforward control panel and navigation compass, which provides auto keystone correction for easy installation.

The short-throw lens allows for large images to be produced from close distances, capable of generating up to 10-foot pictures within minutes of switching it on.

With a resolution of 1280x800, some high-definition videos can be viewed without cropping or downsizing; and while full-HD must be reduced to fit, you can easily project 1080p content from common laptops.