JVC Visual Systems Division has announced the launch of its new BLU-Escent laser hybrid illumination projector technology.

Displaying the technology for the first time at the recent raining and simulation event I/ITSEC 2014, held in Orlando, Florida, the company showed off its DLA-VS2500ZG and DLA-VS2300ZG projectors to attendees. Both of the projectors are aimed at meeting the requirements for simulation and visualisation applications.

The DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 represent the first three-chip laser hybrid projectors that have been specifically designed for simulation, and each of them have been created in order to meet FAA Level D and ICAO regulatory requirements.

Jack Faiman, senior vice president, JVC Visual Systems Division, told AV Network: "The simulation and training industry has been eager to see projection solutions that offer exceptionable image quality with long life and a reasonable price point. We think the DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 perfectly hit this sweet spot.”

The JVC BLU-Escent hybrid technology boasts an increased light output and greater light output adjustment range with auto intensity function, as well as more consistent colorimetry.

The VS2500 projector also comes with JVC’s e-shift technology, which means that the image is shifted by 1/2 pixel in the diagonal direction at 120Hz, making it capable of achieving 3840 x 2160 precision.