Sony Digital Cinema has launched a new 3D product that will allow two Sony DCI-compliant 4K projectors – the SRX-R320SP and the SRX-R515P – to be used to screen 3D films.

The new mounting will see the projectors work alongside a polarising filter system and Sony’s unique 3D dual lenses. Sony Digital Cinema’s David McIntosh said that the system cements the brand as a total solution provider for cinema.

“With the projection system, server, theatre management system, remote monitoring and field support all available from Sony and our dealer partners we can deliver a truly superior visual experience for all our customers,” he said. “Together with our VPF Program and finance solutions we are proud to continue to build our long term commitment to the cinema industry.”

The first professional cinema to be fitted with the equipment was the Premiere Cinemas in the Czech capital, Prague, which will now be able to screen 3D films on four of its eight screens.

Premiere Cinemas’ David Jelinek said that it had already had a significant impact on their business. He explained: “Not only does it mean we can offer a greater variety of content to customers, but it helps bring the films to life, making viewers feel closer to the action and creating a truly immersive viewing experience.”