A digital projection device disguised as a necklace could take the place of projection glasses and become the latest method of projecting mobile content on the go.

According to the New Scientist, the device could project email, tweets and text alerts onto surfaces and allow users to open their digital data and information through hand gestures.

Christian Winkler from the University of Ulm, Germany, created the Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display technology used in the device. This is used to project graphics ahead of the user when information has been received by the device. The user can then make the correct hand gesture in order to see the display.

Mr Winkler said: "The projector gives you a window into the virtual world that you carry around like a flashlight, as a way of serendipitously accessing information."

The projector runs through a 3D sensor, which calculates the distance of the device to both the ground and the user's hand, allowing the projector to refocus and recognise the hand gesture controls.

According to Mr Winkler, a commercial version of the device could be available on the market within two years for indoor use, but an outdoor version may take longer to develop.