NEC reveals new laser projectors

NEC has announced it is adding a pair of new high-end, professional, flagship 3-chip DLP laser projector models to its range of devices.

The manufacturer revealed that the NEC PH1201QL and the NEC PH1202HL are being aimed at the rental and staging, transportation, leisure and higher education sectors.

Gerd Kaiser, product line manager of large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe, stated that the company believes laser is the projector light source of the future.

He said: "This is an extremely exciting development for the projector industry. For many years we have been striving to help organisations deliver an impressive visual experience while keeping costs low.

"So the advent of a heavy-duty projector that doesn’t require replacement lamps is a huge step forward, given the cost savings this brings over time."

NEC claims that the PH1201QL is the most compact 4K laser projector on the market, while the PH1202HL projector offers digital cinema-like quality pictures. The PH1201QL offers low power consumption at 1,6kW and the PH1202HL projector features patented Heat Exchanger technology.

Mr Kaiser added: "Whatever visual experience organisations need to create, they are seeking the best possible image quality, brightness uniformity, and a long-term return on their investment.

"That means using new laser technology that is reliable and flexible, yet built for longevity, without the high costs often associated with achieving that."

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