NEC PX803UL available now at Projector Point NEC PX803UL available now at Projector Point

Designed with NEC’s ‘install and forget’ mantra in mind, the PX803UL DPL laser projector offers some of the very best features for large-scale corporate installations, digital signage applications and higher education facilities.

The PX803UL professional installation projector generates a truly amazing 8,000 lumens of brightness from a blue laser Solid State Light source and has a 4K WUXGA native resolution for crystal clear, crisp images, as well as superior colour processing thanks to NEC’s latest scaler chip.

The NEC model is super easy to install and features a huge range of wide zoom bayonet lenses, wide vertical and horizontal lens shift, and onboard presets for Epson, Panasonic and Sanyo projector control codes. And, as there is no need to replace any internal lamps, the installation-grade unit will offer up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free, eco-friendly and cost-effective operation for years to come.

The PX803 has an aluminium-backed laser phosphor wheel and a completely sealed optical lens housing to protect it from dust, which will provide superb durability over the projector’s lifespan.

This exceptional reliability is combined with a very low overall power consumption and an integrated liquid cooling system — a popular feature for digital signage installations and museums.

The PX803UL also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including HDBaseT, the world’s first HDMI-out interface in addition to a standard HDMI input and DisplayPort technology.

And last but not least, the NEC laser projector has an integrated ‘Option Slot’, which can be used to instantly upgrade the unit, meaning that the PX803UL is near enough future-proofed.

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