NEC Display Solutions Europe has retooled its remote management and monitoring software to allow for even easier coordinated control and monitoring of its display devices, including its projectors and large format displays.

The NaViSet Administrator 2 software will provide companies and organisations with an all-in-one remote support solution that is ideal for managing multi-device installations in larger environments. The easy-to-use software and its sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) will allow for technical support costs to be brought down thanks to the ability to remotely diagnose and correct technological issues.

NEC’s Thomas Walter said that the revamped software underlines the company’s continuous efforts to consider the demands of their customers in the development of their products. “Intuitive handling, integration of all devices, intelligent functionalities and green computing ensure NEC users manage their devices more efficiently and easily", he said.

The software has been developed in line with NEC’s Green Vision policy, supporting different eco modes, turning off displays automatically and adapting brightness to environmental conditions.

System administrators can also use the software to actively monitor the maintenance of projector lamps, filters and fans, as it gives detailed information about critical display conditions and allows detailed analyses about the devices used in order to reduce down times and failure rates effectively.