NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched a refurbish and reuse programme for people looking to update their old projectors.

The projector manufacturer has launched the NEC ReTrade programme to allow people who have just purchased a new NEC projector to trade in their old device – regardless of make or model – and receive a cash return. The company will then refurbish the old projectors for reuse or, if they are beyond reuse, will recycle them responsibly causing minimal material waste and cutting down on resource consumption.

NEC’s Klaus Auerboeck said that the scheme will help to preserve the environment while also providing an incentive to customers by reducing the acquisition costs of a new projector.

“Being the long-term global leader in projectors and an active participant in the protection of natural resources, NEC Display Solutions leads the way in environmental responsibility,” he explained.

“Our unique ReTrade programme is the first in the industry that includes refurbishment and reuse of projectors of all models and brands. It’s a win-win situation for us all. We give projectors a second life and our customers save money by trading-in used products.”

The company expects that 85 per cent of the projectors will be refurbished and returned to the market.