Projector manufacturer, NEC Display Solutions Europe, has launched the most compact DCI-certified digital cinema projector available, in the form of the NC900C.

The projector has been specifically designed for smaller cinema screens while incorporating all of NEC’s extensive experience and heritage in digital cinema projector development.

The projector is the first on the market to make use of the 2K chipset from Texas Instruments, and is ideal for small cinema screens, art houses and mobile cinemas.

The NC9000C is able to project screens of up to nine metres in size and has a very low cost of ownership, due to its innovative features. The projector can be floor or ceiling mounted and will be compatible with a range of different lenses, including motorised zoom, focus and shift options, which will all be easily switchable through a bayonet mount system.

The connectivity options include an HDMI 1.4a connector (based on the HDMI certificate application) and two HDSDI 3G interfaces for alternative content. There will also be two Gigabit Ethernet jacks but content will also be able to be stored on an integrated RAID 5 served with a net capacity of 1.5 terabytes.

NEC’s product line manager for Large Venue Projectors, Gerd Kaiser, said, “By implementing Texas Instruments’ S2K chipset and our innovative easy-lamp system, we can facilitate the transition to high-end digital cinema by creating a solution for smaller, regional or rural screens that have so far been unable to adopt or afford the standard DLP Cinema solutions.”