NEC launches laser light source projector

NEC Display Solutions has launched the first fully integrated compact laser light source, DCI-compliant digital cinema projector, the NEC NC1100L.

The projector has been specifically designed for smaller cinema screens of up to 11 metres in size. It is the first device of its kind in the world to have an integrated laser light source, which means there is no need for a lamp. The laser light can last for up to 20,000 hours so this keeps costs and maintenance low.

The projector measures just 700mm x 1042 x 315mm, making it the smallest device of its kind currently available on the market. The compact size also means it is suitable for floor or ceiling mounting. A key selling point of the NEC NC1100L is also its DCI compliance.

Gerd Kaiser, Product Line Manager for Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: “The NC1100L is leading the compact digital cinema category with high reliability, dramatically lower running costs and long life operation. We are proud to bring this industry first, helping provide the best solution for cinemas and public buildings, art houses, theatres and universities.”

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