NEC is showing off its latest digital projector at the CinemaCon 2015 event in Las Vegas.

The company revealed the one-box solution, the NC1201L, which the company says will offer a larger screen covering and low total cost of ownership compared to rivals in the field.

NEC stated that the device will be "ideal" for boothless cinema scenarios with screens up to 12 metres wide as a result of its "compact, low noise design, flexibility and the powerful integrated media server".

Gerd Kaiser, senior product line manager for large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe, explained that demand for one stop solutions that are well suited to the environment around them is growing in the cinema industry.

He added: "They need to be low noise, compact and flexible, in order to be suitable for the boothless cinema. By expanding what is already the widest range of laser projectors on the market today, NEC is meeting these important long-term demands of our customers."

NEC is currently displaying the NC1201L at the NEC Suite in Milano 1 at CinemaCon 2015, which is currently taking place at Caesars Palace.

The company has hailed the device for offering outstanding brightness uniformity, as well as the best possible image quality and a wide range of brightness adjustment that helps users to achieve the best possible picture experience for both 2D and 3D movies.