NEC Display Solutions of America has announced the release of the latest addition to its PA Projector Series, the PA622U.

The advanced, professional device is aimed at users hunting for a projector to use in corporate, education and museum settings and features an HDBaseT connection, the first in the NEC stable of projectors to do so.

The HDBaseT connection ensures that the cost of time of installing the device is by simplifying, while also supporting uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, and control over a single Cat6 cable. This means that the need for numerous cables and connections is eliminated.

The 6,200-lumen projector also offers stacking capability, meaning that up to four of the devices can be stacked either vertically or horizontally in order to enhance the image brightness up to 24,800 lumens.

This stacking feature makes the projector ideal for use in large settings such as lecture theatres or conference centres.

Rich McPherson, senior product manager for projectors at NEC Display Solutions, said: “This advanced model is equipped to take on the most demanding integration projects.

“Multi-display capabilities and TileMatrix technologies are integrated into the PA622U projector, creating up to a 4K x 2K resolution image while using four edge blended projectors.”