NEC announces new X554HB 55-inch display

NEC announces new X554HB 55-inch display
NEC announces new X554HB 55-inch display
NEC Display Solutions has announced the X554HB, a new 55-inch display which will complement its high brightness portfolio. The company says the new display is perfect for shopping windows and enclosures for a range of outdoor applications.

The screen is purposefully built to be able to withstand a high level of ambient lighting, which makes it ideal for shop windows as well as restaurants and other retail spaces. It comes with a high level of brightness thanks to its direct LED backlighting system, which, combined with its integrated ambient light sensor, allows the panel to adapt to the environmental settings surrounding it. The new model also comes with a 2700 cd/m2 max brightness, which works well with the display's HD resolution.

In addition, the new display comes with an industrial strength panel, which provides further thermal protection, and includes self-diagnosing sensors, which are linked to five thermodynamic fans that help get rid of the standing heat that can build up within the display. The chief benefit of this diagnostics system is that owners can leave the display running 24/7 without worrying about overheating issues.

The quarter-lambda optimal film that covers the screen is also integrated onto the panel, which allows the display to be fully readable in semi-outdoor installations, even while consumers are wearing polarised sunglasses.

Ben Hardy, NEC Display product manager for large screens, feels the X554HB builds on benchmarks left by previous displays and said on its announcement: “Easily adapting to its surroundings, the [X554HB] display is ideal for shopping windows, as well as enclosures in outdoor applications, giving organisations more digital signage options.”

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