NEC announces launch of high-resolution projectors

NEC has announced it is launching a pair of new high-resolution projectors that will be added to its professional installation lineup.

The company revealed that the new laser phosphor projectors do not have lamps and offer professional installers new applications to target and potential new revenue streams.

The NEC PH1201QL projector boasts a native 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, while the other new NEC projector, the NEC PH1202HL model delivers Full HD 1080p.

Richard McPherson, senior product manager of projectors at NEC Display, stated that laser is the future for projector light sources.

He said: "Laser phosphor projectors bring the best possible brightness uniformity and image quality over a longer period of time compared to lamp-based projectors. The laser technology eliminates the need for lamp replacement, bringing a significant cost savings over time."

Mr McPherson added that NEC is excited about the potential of the NEC PH1201QL and the NEC PH1202HL model, with the manufacturer "ready to continue to lead the charge in laser technology for projectors".

Both of the new NEC projectors have been hailed by the manufacturer for their eco-friendly nature, while they are also virtually maintenance free, meaning labour costs are reduced and there is less need for filter cleaning.

They also each have features such as Quick Start capabilities, as well as connectivity options including HDMI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT.

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