Three new projectors are being added to NEC's successful P series of projectors, offering exceptional capabilities for corporate and educational users.

The three new additions - namely the P350X, P350W and P420X - offer the most exacting precision on features common to NEC's projectors, while hosting the very latest enhancements and technology.

The company's product manager of projectors, Rich McPherson, said, "We have included features in this projector series that not only exceed the needs of education and corporate users but enhance the user experience with practical and easy-to-use functionality."

He added that the P series offers optimum built-in technology, extended connectivity, energy-saving features and advanced networking capabilities.

The P350X and P350W provide 3,500 lumens of brightness, while the P420X is capable of generating 4,200 lumens. All three provide wall colour correction, automatic keystone correction, carbon savings meter, Virtual Remote and closed captioning for seamless installation.

The augmented filter and lamp life can last for 5,000 hours with the unique EcoMode technology, that also means that the filter will not need changing until the lamp has reached the end of its working life.

The projectors each have 10-watt speakers and also boast capabilities including USB Viewer, Autosense and carbon savings meter. They are to be released on the international market later this month.