1. Our Favourite 5,000 Lumen WUXGA Office Projectors

    In the past year alone, ProjectorPoint has seen a solid concentration of demand around WUXGA-resolution

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  2. The Best 4000 Lumen Business Projectors – November 2019

    One thing that businesses always come back to is that search for a projector that is not only

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  3. The Best Projectors for School Halls

    Great things can happen when technology and education are combined

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  4. The Ultimate Meeting Room Projector Showdown

    Do offices in 2019 still need awesome meeting room projector quality? Despite the evolving nature of modern office spaces, the answer is obviously yes.

    In the face of virtual workers and shared workstations that are very far removed from traditional office setups of the past, great visual projection technology has remained a strong asset in any work environment.

    For those in the market for something more than mediocre, here’s our ultimate meeting r

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  5. The Best Office Projectors of Summer 2018

    When searching for their dream projector, our customers often find that the most difficult

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  6. Keep it Bright with the Best High-Lumen Business Projectors

    We don’t often need to convince people they need an office projector. In fact, we’ve been through the reasons for that pretty thoroughly before. What does occasionally require a bit of explanation is why it’s worth making the jump up in price and technology to a high brightness office projector.

    Do I need a high brightness projector in the office?

    Office projectors are used in vastly different contexts than

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  7. The Best Business Projector Releases of ISE 2018

    Each year, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference is held in Amsterdam. The event always features a stunning line-up of new announcements from some of the biggest names in tech. And this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

    With headline-grabbing projectors confirmed from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Canon and NEC – there’s a lot here to get excited about.

    The Projectorpoint team were on the ground, doing our bit to get round the stand

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  8. Quick Picks: Top 3 Events Projectors for Summer 2017

    Whether you’re an events coordinator, a hotel manager, wedding planner or a mobile DJ, the latest range of projectors from the industry’s top brands could be exactly what you need to help your next event stand out.

    But how do you know which to buy? If you’ve a bit more time on your hands, then jump into our more in-depth article on events projectors here and take a look at our full guide to bu

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  9. Top Projectors to Transform Your Outdoor Events this Summer

    The summer is in full swing. Beaches are packed, ice cream vans have been stripped of stock and everyone’s looking to make the most of the great outdoors.

    But what if you’re attending or organising a get together and you need everyone gathered around a video or a set of images? Wedding venues, local bands and even pub gardens all face this dilemma in the summer months with guests desperate to make the most of any outdoor space available, but reluctant to miss out on viewing a photo ree

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  10. 3 Ways Projectors Boost Your Business Productivity

    Business isn't just about endlessly crunching numbers and 'keep your head down' solo work. The modern workplace is taking advantage of technology to get the best from employees and visitors alike and it's doing this by bringing people together.

    Projectors are still playing a key role in this but they're not always the first thing we think of when it comes to new productivity technology. A lot has changed over recent years as technology has caught up to businesses' requirements.

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