The latest advancements in digital projection technology are being displayed and debated by industry experts at the NAB 2012 digital technology show, which is currently underway in Las Vegas this week.

The start of the show saw the first public demonstration of a new laser-illuminated projections system which will allow for brighter 3D images in cinemas. The technology – which is the result of a joint project between Sony and Laser Light Engines (LLE) – is the first to use developing laser illuminated 3D digital cinema projection system.

The demonstration also gave glimpses of hotly-anticipated forthcoming movies, including the 3D trailers of Men In Black 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Peter Lude, an executive VP at Sony and chairman of the Laser Light Association (LIPA), said that lasers could eventually provide advantages such as lower power, less cooling requirements, longer life, and brighter projection.

The advancement of digital projector technology was highlighted by Michael Karagosian, president of digital cinema consultants, MKPE. He said that digital projection is now available in 70 per cent of North American cinemas, with more than 50 per cent capable of showing 3D films. He added that more than 50 per cent of screens in Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions are also digital.