An in-car projector could soon be on the market after the company behind the technology received $6.5 million (£4.04 million) in seed funding.

Navdy's projector works via a heads-up display that shows up on the windscreen of the car.

The company has described the innovation as "Google Glass for your car" and the round of seed funding means it is moving closer to the shops.

Navdy co-founder and chief executive Doug Simpson told Venturebeat that the company had been taken by surprise by the level of interest in the projector.

Investor Semil Shah added: "Car manufacturers, cell carriers and data providers, and the phone handset makers themselves all think of the car as a new consumer frontier, as well as all the companies that provide apps and services that are of high use in a vehicle, such as audio music and radio, navigation, directory listings, and more."

Mr Simpson also revealed that Navdy has been in talks with delivery firms and lift-sharing companies about installations of the projector in cars.

However, Navdy's progress may be blocked in certain countries around the world due to the possibility drivers could be distracted from the road by what is projected on to the windscreen.

Navdy features touchless gestures such as swiping to answer a call, while voice recognition enables users to send messages safely from behind the wheel.