A new line-up of multi-display ceiling mounts has been unveiled by Peerless-AV.

The range will offer 360° visibility, utilising a single mounting point for a wide selection of configurations. The new ceiling mounts are suitable for use in high-traffic public areas, such as business meetings or lectures, sports venues such as large stadiums, restaurants and bars, transportation applications and retail offerings.

The new line of Multi-Display Mounts includes the DST980-3 model, which is able to support three 37-80 inch displays evenly spaced in a triangular configuration. Meanwhile, another inclusion is the DST975-4 ceiling mount, which is capable of supporting four 37-75in displays evenly spaced in a square or rectangular configuration.

Finally, the DST942-6 mount is able to support six 37-42 inch displays evenly spaced in a circular configuration, InAVate On The Net confirmed.

Each of the ceiling mounts contained in the new line-up from Peerless-AV’s feature adjustable telescoping arms to allow the installer to adjust the spacing between each display to best suit the application it will be use for.

Each of the mounts also come with 360° of swivel in the initial set up, and 0° to 20° of display tilt.