A new pocket-sized projector has been released by 3M in the form of the MPro 150.

The 160g projector can display images from a laptop, making it easy to use for presentations, training, education and any other setting where a truly mobile projector is needed.

The projector is available now and builds on 3M’s MPro 120 Pocket Projector, which was released last year. However, the new device adds 1GB of storage and also has a slot for a 2GB MicroSD card, from which it can project images, PowerPoint presentations, Word, Excel, and PDF files.

The device itself is a tiny 130mm x 60mm x 24mm but can project images up to 1,280 x 800 pixels, which are up to 50 inches in size. It also offers brightness at 50 lumens and uses LEDs, which 3M claims is an advantage as there is no light bulb to replace.

The projector runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, which will run for two hours before it needs recharging. It comes complete with VGA and RCA cables for video input and also includes USB to connect the device to computers. The MPro also comes with a helpful tripod stand. It seems 3M really have thought of everything.