Modular projector-mounting kits could offer a more affordable way for projector owners to wall-mount their equipment.

Wall-mounting can often cost up to £200 but Lindy has now released modular kits which retail for much less. One of these kits is the Lindy Box-Type Projector Bracket, which goes with a projector pole, sold separately.

The projector bracket can comfortably handle projectors weighing up to 11.5kg and is suitable for most standard home projecting equipment. The projector is housed in a small cage so only projectors that fit are suitable for the bracket. However, other non-boxed models are available, which hold a wider range of projectors.

The Lindy Box-Type Projector Bracket box can be adjusted to a few different sizes and can be fixed to fit most business-type projectors as well. Adhesive foam strips are provided to protect the projector from becoming marked during adjustment.

Once the customer is happy with the box it can easily be attached to the projector pole. A write-up of the product on the ExpertReviews site states: “The Box-Type Projector Mount is a neat a cost-effective way to securely attach your projector to a wall, but it's limited by the size of projector that you can use.”