Mitsubishi has announced it is restructuring its TV business to concentrate on selling big-screen DLP rear-projection sets, LaserVue sets and front projectors.

The Japanese corporation's US subsidiary said the decision to halt LCD television operations will pave the way for Mitsubishi's growth as a "large-screen" TV maker on both the home and professional fronts.

The company will now focus on producing front projectors for the home cinema and business markets, and stadium-sized LED displays and scoreboards as well as LaserVue sets and big-screen DLP TVs.

Under the restructure, its Professional Visual Systems (PVS) business will supply projectors, display walls, printers and supersized public display screens, while its audio-visual (AV) arm will continue to make and sell DLP and LaserVue projection television sets with screen sizes of 73 inches or larger.

Announcing the move, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA) spokesman Cayce Blanchard said, "We have faced significant price pressures, as have all major consumer electronics companies, and suffered serious losses. This restructuring offers us new opportunities for growth."

The restructure is understood to include downsizing of MDEA's workforce in the US and Mexico and some changes to its dealer network.