Mitsubishi is aiming to corner the installation projector market with the launch of two new, high-end models.

The Japanese electronics and motor conglomerate has this week unveiled the XD8100U (XGA) and the widescreen WD8200U (WXGA), both of which have been specifically designed to suit large venue applications such as auditoriums or high-ambient light environments.

The dual-lamp models deliver 7000 Lumens and 6500 Lumens respectively, and feature a patented image-processing algorithm, which analyses the input signal and extrapolates high-definition data missing from the original image in real time.

The two also benefit from the company's pioneering Natural Colour Matrix (NCM) technology, which allows the intermediate colours – yellow, cyan and magenta – to be controlled independently of red, green and blue.

Mitsubishi’s heat-pipe cooling system keeps the lamp housings cool, eliminating the need for a power supply and the models operate at less than 28dBA, consuming less than 0.3W in standby mode.

The impressive lamp-life of the dual lamp system on both the projectors extends to 4,000 hours, changing automatically during a failure. The lamps can also be periodically rotated to prolong their expectancy.

When it comes to connectivity, the projectors come with an RJ-45 LAN terminal for remote operation and are compatible with Crestron RoomView/e-Control, AMX Device Discovery and PJLink remote management suites. The remote control can address up to 63 individual projectors in a multi-projector installation and operate at a range of up to 30m.