The new LaserVue range of projectors from Mitsubishi Electric is a new offering of lamp-free, environmentally-conscious portable projectors that produce brilliant images with extremely accurate colours.

The new line of three projectors – comprising the NW30U WXGA, the NW31U-EST WXGA and the NF32U – was officially unveiled last month and is aimed at environmentally-aware teachers and presenters who want top-quality projections while being mindful of the energy consumed.

The three lamp-free projectors produce the red, blue and green light needed to create all images through one pure red LED, up to 34 pure blue laser diodes of varying strengths and wavelengths, and a solid-coloured phosphor wheel that emits green light.

The devices also allow the users to access content from a range of sources, from mobile devices, the cloud, the internet and a networked server, as well as a traditional computer source. They provide brightness of between 2,500 and 3,000 lumens and are ideal for use in educational environments.

Mitsubishi product manager, Wayne Kozuki, said that the revolutionary light sources mean that the projectors “lead the trend in using new technologies”.

He added, “With a lamp-free design and direct access to the cloud, we hope to change the way people present in the classroom and the boardroom.”