1. Cloud projectors feature in new Mitsubishi range

    A new range of projectors produced by Mitsubishi includes two models capable of projecting from the cloud directly from a server, without the need for a computer.

    The four mobile models in the T-Series have been designed for education and business. The TW21U and TX20U Cloud Projectors display straight from the user’s server, while the TW11U and TX210U are more traditional in function.

    Mitsubishi Electric product manager Wayne Kozuki said: "Each new projector fits a particular niche for our customers. While there are similarities between them, there are key differences

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  2. Mitsubishi unveils its first 'cloud projector'

    Mitsubishi has launched what it is referring to as its ‘cloud projector’ – the first in its projector range not to require a PC attached to it.

    The WD390U-EST ultra-short throw projector allows for content to be displayed on the device in seconds, without having to log on to a network, wirelessly obtaining the information from a local server, the internet or the cloud.

    The projector – which is aimed squarely at the education market – only needs to be logged on to a network via its WiFi application, and be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard

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  3. Mitsubishi launches LaserVue range of projectors

    The new LaserVue range of projectors from Mitsubishi Electric is a new offering of lamp-free, environmentally-conscious portable projectors that produce brilliant images with extremely accurate colours.

    The new line of three projectors – comprising the NW30U WXGA, the NW31U-EST WXGA and the NF32U – was officially unveiled last month and is aimed at environmentally-aware teachers and presenters who want top-quality projections while being mindful of the energy consumed.

    The three lamp-free projectors produce the red, blue and green light needed to create all images

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  4. Mitsubishi to launch two new projectors at ISE 2013

    Mitsubishi Electric has announced that it is to lift the lid on two new projector models at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013 trade fair later this month.

    The Japanese manufacturer is to launch its WUXGA UD740U mid-range business projector at the trade show in Amsterdam, as well as the WXGA WD8700-U professional installation projector.

    The WUXGA UD740U will be a 4,100-lumen, portable, network-capable projector that has been tailored for use in business or education applications. The 1920 x 1200 pixel projector will have a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and will be compatible with

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  5. New figures highlight WXGA and XGA projector trends

    Research on trends in the North American projector sales market has shown that WXGA projectors are proving particularly popular with people looking for high-end projectors, while XGA is dominating the mainstream sectors.

    The research was carried out by specialist projector market research firm, Pacific Media Associates (PMA), as part of their August market information.

    PMA found that the top five best-selling high-end (4,000 lumens and more) projectors in the US in August were NEC’s WXGA NP-PA550W-13ZL, the Mitsubishi XD600, the Mitsubishi WXGA WD620, the Epson PowerLite

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  6. Mitsubishi launches two new 3D home cinema projectors

    Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions has unveiled two new 3D home cinema projectors – the HC8000D and the HC7900DW projectors – which have been designed to make 3D home viewing easier and more affordable.

    The two projectors were revealed at the CEDIA Home Theater Show held in Indianapolis in September, and use one of the industry’s best 2D-to-3D Frame Rate Conversion technologies, resulting in a near-perfect simulation of a true 3D frame of vision.

    Mitsubishi product manager, Wayne Kozuki, said that the two new models would open up a new world of capabilities

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  7. Mistsubishi creates Japan's largest digital display system

    Mitsubishi has created Japan’s largest system of digital displays and signs at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

    The electronics giant has installed a system that consists of more than 100 display units around the leading international airport, comprising 336 individual display panels. The units are arranged throughout the passenger terminals, and display a wide range of information and entertainment, as well as relaxing imagery depicting rural and marine serenity around Japan.

    The system was officially launched at a ceremony at the end of last month, having been

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  8. Mitsubishi's 7000 projector range shipping in Europe

    Consumer electronics conglomerate, Mitsubishi, has announced that its 7000 series of LCD projectors is now shipping across the European market.

    The range of projectors – which was first unveiled at the ISE 2012 trade fair – has been specifically designed for large-scale professional purposes, such as large meeting rooms and lecture theatres, as well as other professional uses such as digital signage.

    The range of projectors offers exemplary light output of 6,000 lumens with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, due to it being based around an inorganic liquid crystal panels.

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  9. Mitsubishi Electric upgrades professional projector line

    Mitsubishi has upgraded its high-brightness portable projector line, the company has announced.

    The firm claims that the two new DLP(R) models provide flexibility, simple set-up and low operating costs. The projectors also boast a ‘long-life lamp’, estimated to last up to 5,000 hours, given certain operating conditions.

    Wayne Kozuki, product manager, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc., said, "We're offering our customers an upgrade path to our very successful 600 series of DLP projectors with the new 700 series, Among many other features, we

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  10. Free projector lamp on offer

    A free projector lamp offer is being promoted by Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions in a bid to help schools and businesses with tight budgets benefit from technology.

    People purchasing model numbers EW270U, EW230U-ST, WD570U, WD620U, FD630U, and the new extreme short throw models XD360U-EST and WD380U-EST, will be eligible for a free projector lamp.

    To qualify, the projector needs to be purchased between 14 November and 31 December this year. Once they have acquired the product, they need to head to and submit the appropriate purchasing documentation

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