Mitsubishi Digital has released two new projectors in the US that are expected to come to the UK later.

The two new projectors target cost-conscious buyers who are looking for projectors to use in classrooms or meeting rooms. The projectors, the EX200U and the EX240U XGA, offer impressive brightness at up to 2500 lumens. Reports claim the projectors deliver high quality imaging at very reasonable prices.

Wayne Kozuki, the product manager at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, which manufactures the two projectors, said, "It's important that everyone's dollar goes a little farther these days.” He added, "with these two new projectors, the high-quality performance and superior technology that Mitsubishi is known for is now more affordable."

The colours produced by the two projectors are extremely rich and accurate as a result of their six-segment colour wheels - another unusual addition to ‘entry level’ projectors. The projectors include Texas Instruments’ DLP technology with BrilliantColor.

The EX200U only weighs around 5.3lbs, rising to just 5.7lbs for the EX240U. These light-weight projectors are perfect for use in the boardroom, for teaching and training and for all office meeting needs as they are easily portable between rooms. They also have a direct power-off facility, which removes the need to wait around after presentations.