Mitsubishi has created Japan’s largest system of digital displays and signs at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

The electronics giant has installed a system that consists of more than 100 display units around the leading international airport, comprising 336 individual display panels. The units are arranged throughout the passenger terminals, and display a wide range of information and entertainment, as well as relaxing imagery depicting rural and marine serenity around Japan.

The system was officially launched at a ceremony at the end of last month, having been developed as a result of a wide-reaching review of airport information presentation last year.

Among the pieces of Mitsubishi technology used in the system, is a Panorama Vision OLED screen. Large format LCD display walls have been constructed in all passenger terminal areas, one of which is a 9.2 metre x 1.7 metre unit made up of 27 display panels each measuring 46 inches diagonally.

Eleven touchscreen user stations have been strategically placed around the shopping areas in both of the airport’s main terminals, which allow users to search through the shopping directories and find directions to individual outlets. Around 64 more 55-inch individual LCD display panels have been installed throughout the buildings, as basic digital signage displays.