BenQ has launched an updated version of its mini projector and dubbed it the BenQ Joybee GP2.

The device is based on the GP1, which enjoyed a strong level of success thanks to its trendy casing and useful features.

However, the GP2 boasts a number of added features, including an innovative user interface and an integrated iPhone and iPod dock. Furthermore, it is capable of projecting HD video through its 720p resolution and can deliver short-throw images when in a confined space.

The range of connectivity options should also make this projector a useful device to have around. In addition to the Apple device dock, there is a USB and SD card viewer option, a mini HDMI for tables and smartphones and a document viewer for PDF documents and Microsoft Office built in.

Weighing in at just 565g, of course the mini projector's main advantage is its portability. The weight is kept down by using 3LED illumination of superior efficiency as well as DLP projection technology to maintain the quality of the images.

But the device, as with many smaller projectors, is still not particularly bright, although it does manage to deliver 200 ANSI lumens of brightness, but chances are it will still require a relatively dark room to display high quality content.