Pico’s Mini Handheld Projector is an ingenious gadget that allows you to project videos and pictures up to the size of a home cinema screen from any device with a USB port.

The compact projector is small enough to be carried around in your pocket so that any time you want to show off your photos and videos all you have to do is connect it to a handheld device such as a digital camera, mobile phone or iPod.

The projector, which also works with lap-tops and PCs, can display images at sizes up to 60 inches horizontally and offers the option of displaying pictures as a slide show.

Videos can be played at 480×320 resolution which is suitable for footage recorded with handheld devices.

A fully-charged battery lasts up to two hours and there is a built-in player with a 4GB memory, so running out of space for your digital media is never a problem.

It is also handy for PowerPoint presentations and almost anything else that can be displayed on your computer’s screen.

Pico’s Mini Handheld Projector is perfect for any occasion from parties to last-minute business presentations.