A new portable projector has been released by MiLi for use with the iPhone.

The compact, foldable projector device opens up and acts as an iPhone dock, while the top part flips open to hold the projector and aims at a screen. The projector is equipped with speakers to project a louder sound that the iPhone can manage alone and is also compatible for use with an iPod or iPod Touch.

Using the device, iPhone and iPod owners can project images, photos, video podcasts and movies onto a screen. Images of up to 70 inches in size can be projected and any smooth surface will act as a screen.

The device is chargeable, charges in three hours and lasts for around 1.5 hours. However, users can also plug it into the mains or longer use, such as to watch a movie.

In addition to being used as a projector, it also charges any device it is attached to. It can also project images from other sources such as PCs, DVD players, laptops and even the iPhone rival the BlackBerry as these can all be attached to the projector.