New projector sale figures for the first quarter of 2012 have indicated that global sales of mid-range models grew by six per cent during the quarter.

The figures from industry analysts, Pacific Media Associates (PMA) indicated that projectors with that provide around 1,000 lumens or more are seeing steadily growing demand. PMA’s president, Bill Coggshall, said that the figures showed that projectors were continuing to thrive despite competition from other forms of technology.

“Ever since flat-panel displays became large enough to be used in business meeting rooms and home theatres, there have been predictions of the demise of projectors from manufacturers as well as pundits,” Coggshall explained.

“Any industry experiences a slowing as it ages and increasingly saturates its potential market, whether or not it has strong competition from alternative technologies. The projector industry is over 20 years old, so the six per cent growth rate is strong proof that the projector business is healthy.”

Coggshall added, however, that it is becoming more and more important for projector manufacturers – particularly newer ones – to be well aware of the market and its conditions before jumping straight in.

“Some – or many – projector manufacturers might need to seek better defensive strategy and tactics than they now have,” he stated. “Some markets and applications are moving to flat panels rather than higher-end projectors. Manufacturers need to focus more on market sweet spots as well as looking for ways to improve the product or offer ways that encourage upgrades.”