Microsoft reveals RoomAlive innovation

Microsoft has debuted its latest virtual reality gaming concept, which uses projectors to turn an entire room into a gaming arena.

The company revealed RoomAlive at the weekend, which is in the early stages of development but allows players to interact with their surroundings.

Microsoft Research announced that IllumiRoom 2.0: RoomAlive is currently a proof-of-concept demo, with six projectors and six Kinect units needed to run it.

In a blog post, Microsoft researcher Hrvoje Benko explained that RoomAlive "enables any space to be transformed into an augmented, interactive display".

He added: "Our system enables new interactive projection mapping experiences that dynamically adapts content to any room. Users can touch, shoot, stomp, dodge and steer projected content that seamlessly coexists with their existing physical environment."

However, it is expected to be some time before Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft is ready to bring its RoomAlive idea to the market.

RoomAlive currently features a number of demonstration modes, including one that allows players to control a robot that is capable of moving around the room. Another game lets users kill moles that appear around them with a gun peripheral.

Mr Benko said: "With enough computing power, depth cameras and projectors, it’s possible to create these immersive environments within an ordinary living space."

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