Microsoft has lodged a patent for new technology that would use projectors and movement sensors to create a gaming experience that, in theory, could work like Star Trek’s HoloDeck.

Images filed with the patent show that the technology would see a video game projected onto the walls of a room, allowing the field of play to extend beyond the edge of a television or projection screen.

The patent claims that the technology would create, “an immersive display environment […] provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user”.

Other images included in the patent show a player standing in the middle of a room interacting with a game as they do when playing with Microsoft’s Kinect gaming equipment. The player would be able to take aim at parts of the game that are off-screen and would also be able to see enemies sneaking up on them by physically turning around.

The technology is the very latest advancement in immersive gaming technology that makes use of projectors and projections. Companies including Sony and Epson are currently working on new-model virtually reality gaming headsets and devices.