A new projector from technologists, Micron, could make the standard inclusion of projectors in mobile phones happen much faster than the tech industry was expecting.

The Micron V100 LCOS solution has brought projector technology down to dimensions that measure just 33 by 31 by 12 millimetres. It is so small it could fit easily into most smartphones, meaning travelling business people would not have to include separate pico projectors in their kit.

Along with its revolutionary size, the tiny projector comes with a low 1.5W power consumption, as well as an integrated image engine that takes care of all the processing needed in order to project images without taxing your phone's CPU. When integrated with phones this will go far to address the long-considered problem of how to run a power intensive projector from a limited phone battery.

The projector comes with a rather small 320x240 resolution as well as 5 lumens of brightness. Using Micron's own HPX (hexagonal pixel multiplication) technology, the number of pixels per inch will be increased, however, by about 20 per cent compared to traditional square pixels, leading to much smoother diagonal lines.

The V100 LCOS is due to begin sampling next month and should enter mass production by the end of the year.