Projectors are becoming increasingly common accessories in mobile phones and the Micromax X40 is one of the latest to the market.

A recent projector review from Only Gizmos praised the build quality of the device, noting that while it feels quite heavy, it is comfortable to use and “pretty solid”. The actual projector is built in to the top of the handset, while air vents are installed on both sides to ensure the correct operating temperature.

Many of the other features on the phone came in as average, with little to impress the reviewers as outstanding.

Unfortunately, the projector itself was a long way from being up to scratch. Setting the device up on the tripod was deemed “simple and easy”, but the 20 lumens of brightness are nowhere near enough to use the device is daylight.

In a darkened room it is crisp enough, but some of the blacker colours get lost and are not really visible, which is a problem for darker scenes in films.

However, the main issue is the battery life, which managed to last just an hour and a half in the Only Gizmos' test.