Mercedes-Benz has launched a new concept model compact SUV car that incorporates projectors into its headlights, capable of beaming pictures of videos onto screens or other surfaces.

The Concept GLA car has been unveiled ahead of the Shanghai motor show, which is taking place this week. The front headlights of the new car are equipped with laser light source projectors that are able to display multiple media formats from a range of sources.

While many people may be scratching their heads over why a car would need to have built-in projectors, Mercedes has said that the devices could help improve road safety by carrying out actions such as projecting arrows onto roads to indicate a driver’s intentions.

Joachim Schmidt, head of Mercedes-Benz sales and marketing, said that the model is still just a concept but has been designed to compete with other popular smaller SUVs or ‘soft roaders’.

He explained, “The Concept GLA marks a new approach for us in the compact SUV segment – this is sporty and more coupe-like.”

The concept car also features two cameras in its roof rails to capture 3D images and can be used as sources for the video projections.